Отличный напиток для лета: свойства чайного гриба

Everyone knows that carbonated drinks with dyes, carbonation, artificial sweeteners and flavorings is a ticking time bomb not only for our stomach, but also of other organs and systems. Thus often, not only use themselves, but also give to drink to children. However, there are many drinks that gave us the very nature. These include Kombucha useful properties of which cannot be overestimated.

Отличный напиток для лета: свойства чайного гриба

What is a Kombucha

Drink this yet know our mothers and grandmothers. It is passed on for breeding from family to family. But, hardly anyone knew thoroughly the medicinal properties of this miracle beverage. Rather, at the level of intuition and experience of the previous generations believed that Kombucha improves digestion. Also, it can help you to lose weight.

Отличный напиток для лета: свойства чайного гриба 

In the form of an amorphous substance tea fungus resembles a mushroom real. In tea (whether green or black) fermented bacteria and yeast. In the fermentation process out the substances that give the body new vitality and enhance health.

The beneficial properties of Kombucha

The beneficial properties of Kombucha due to the content of the following ingredients:

•b vitamins;







Отличный напиток для лета: свойства чайного гриба

People who use this drink speeds up the metabolism. Quicker break down and digestion of proteins and fats. The immune system of the body, this contributes to maintaining the balance of bacteria in the gut.

Removal of toxins – the process of the human body. However, to use Kombucha, the rate of detoxification and increases the body faster is freed from harmful substances.

Отличный напиток для лета: свойства чайного гриба

Still some miraculous properties, Kombucha is:

•improvement of health;

•deliverance from insomnia, finding a strong healthy sleep;

•the body gets extra strength and energy;

•getting rid of extra pounds.

Отличный напиток для лета: свойства чайного гриба

Lose weight with Kombucha

Accelerating the metabolism, the rapid digestion and efficient assimilation of proteins and fats promote weight loss in those who consume Kombucha. This drink creates an optimal pH environment in the digestive tract. Moderately acidic environment in the stomach helps to digest food and to drop those extra pounds.

It is especially recommended to introduce into your diet Kombucha the elderly. After all, with age, the metabolic processes become slower, and the problem of excess weight significantly.

Отличный напиток для лета: свойства чайного гриба

How to make a drink Kombucha

If you took my friends broken piece of old fungus, you should:

•take a jug, a bottle, a jar with a capacity of approximately three liters;

•boil and cool three liters of water;

•prepare 200 ml of strong tea – black or green;

•prepare a glass of sugar;

•in a jug pour the sugar, add half container of water, mix well;

•pour the tea, put the Kombucha and pour the remaining water;

•fold the cheesecloth into several layers and cover her neck capacity.

To mushroom a well-wandering, put the jug/jar/bottle in a dark place, where the temperature is 25 degrees (plus or minus two degrees). Waiting for two and a half weeks. This is the time required for fermentation of the fungus. That’s all, our miracle drink is ready. Drink to health!

If your goal is to lose weight, you should drink Kombucha before each meal, it is better for a floor of hour before eating. If you want to stimulate the digestive system – drink beverage in the morning, on an empty stomach right after waking up. The recommended quantity is 0.5-1 glass.

Отличный напиток для лета: свойства чайного гриба

Tips for preparation and storage of Kombucha

In spite of the remarkable healing properties, which has Kombucha contraindications this drink is also available. Therefore, in its preparation, you must perform the following recommendations.

1.The cooking process should take place in an atmosphere of sterile cleanliness. Sterilize the utensils and accessories. Make sure that Sahara is no mouse droppings and other contaminants. If you are not sure that in the Sahara no invisible pollution that can be removed, it is better to make sugar syrup, boil it well.

2.It is impossible to prepare Kombucha to use ceramic dishes. The acidic environment of the beverage promotes the excretion of lead from ceramics and accumulation in the drink. Once in your body, pigs will cause poisoning.

If the drink is prepared in unsterile conditions, the disturbed bacterial balance. Sensitive people will react to this indigestion. For allergic response will be an allergic reaction.

Properly prepare the drink Kombucha and be healthy!


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