Фасолевый суп с мясом

For most modern people, one of the main dishes are soups. Of course, the first dishes, which include soups, it is highly beneficial to the human body. Those people who eat soup every day, do not have problems with digestion. Because of soups to this point, quite a large number. Many compliments heard about the bean soup. Today, their many varieties. One of the recipes can be seen here http://hozoboz.com/recepty/fasolevyj-sup-s-myasom/. We also have a recipe for bean soup, and we gladly offer.


· Beef on the bone – 150-200 grams;
· Beans (white) – 300 grams;
· Celery – 5 pieces;
· Bay leaf – a few leaves;
· Onion – 2 bulbs;
· Garlic – 3 cloves;
· Carrots – 5 pieces;
· Black pepper/salt – to Your tastes.

Recipe of bean soup with beef on the bone.

1. To begin our cooking bean soup with beef on the bone to wash the beans and send it in a fairly large pot.

2. There place the beef on the bone.

3. Pour contents of the pan with water and put it on the stove. Bring to a boil. Then cover the pot with a lid, make the minimum fire and cook for a few hours. The result of cooking the beans will take a lenient view. It is important when cooking not to interfere with the soup, as the beans may wrinkle and turn out of them mashed potatoes.

4. Take it out and cut the celery. Also, take onion and cut it into thin rings. Garlic should be crushed.

5. You then peel and slice into small pieces the carrots.

6. When the beans become soft, add the prepared vegetables, Bay leaf and taste for salt and pepper.

7. All very carefully mix and leave simmer for approximately one hour.

8. After hours should get out the soup meat on the bones. Meat to cut, chop and throw back in the pot. Accordingly, a bone to throw.

As a result, our bean soup is ready. Remove it from the stove and pour in the plates. We hope that this lovely soup You’ll love it and You will do it many more times. If this recipe You have left a positive feelings, leave your comment on this page!

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