Хлебный домашний квас

One of the favorite drinks of people during the hottest time of the year is undoubtedly the brew. This drink is very tasty and quenches your thirst. Because we prefer to stand in line to buy a cold brew. The recipe of kvass, meanwhile, is fairly straightforward. In our opinion, than to go somewhere, brew you can make at home. Next, we will explain how to do it.


· Water – 4 liters;
· Rye bread – 400 grams;
· Sugar – 0.5 cups;
· Fresh yeast – 30 grams;
· Raisins – a small amount.

Recipe bread kvass home.

1. To start preparation of bread kvass you need to slice the bread into slices.

2. Then roast them in the oven until each side is Golden.

3. Fill with water a saucepan and put it over a fire. Bring to a boil.

4. Then take another large enamel pot. Put her trained a little earlier crackers and add sugar.

5. Then pour contents of the pan with boiling water and leave the pan. Necessary to keep the water cold.

6. When the water is slightly warm, you need to scoop up a Cup a little of this liquid and dissolve yeast in it.

7. Then pour everything back together.

8. Next, the pan should be covered with a lid, leaving a small gap, otherwise, instead of kvass will turn out vinegar.

9. In this state, sent the pan to heat for 2 days. This time the brew will ferment.

10. After 2 days received kvass filtered through gauze. As needed, add sugar.

11. Then the brew should be poured into a jar and add the washed raisins (just one zhmenya).

12. Cover the jar with a saucer and put into the fridge for a day.

At the end of the day homemade bread kvass will be already almost ready. It will need to be poured into another jar, as the bottom continues to gather sediment. Now the brew is ready. It can be pouring and drink with great pleasure. We would very much like to keep this recipe has become Your favorite. If You liked the recipe for homemade kvas, we will be grateful to You for leaving positive comments!

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