Today, August 4, in the cities of Ukraine will start the all-Ukrainian flashmob “lemonade Day”, initiated by the Fund “Tabletochki”, under the motto to “squeeze a million out of lemons”. The main goal of the campaign is to raise funds for the purchase of medicines for children with cancer.

Joined and host of travel show “the World inside out” , Dmitry Komarov. He will prepare a unique Nepali lemonade on the basis of the unusual syrup and seasonal fruit. Assistance in the implementation of the beverage will have at Dmitry Borisov, a soft drink will be sold in all its institutions.

But Dmitry has shared his recipe of lemonade, for that you could cook it at home and perhaps to entertain friends, thus to just join the action.

Nepali lemonade at home: recipe from Dmitry Komarov

Sugar cane is one of the most common crops in the tropics. The juice made from it throughout Asia. So to the Day of the lemonade I decided to join in her recipe taste of the tropics and the most useful the August juice our latitude – melon and watermelon. This is a very unusual combination of flavors: watermelon quenches thirst, gives melon flavor, sugar cane adds sweetness and makes the taste of the exotically-unique, and mint decorates the cocktail and provides flavor. I hope my travel shakes are popular and sold well. And don’t forget that our main goal is to raise money for the sick kids. This is very important! says Dmitry Komarov

Nepalese recipe of lemonade from Dima Komarov is very simple:

  • fresh watermelon and melon
  • syrup from sugar cane
  • a lot of ice
  • mint.


  • Pour in a carafe of fresh watermelon and melon in equal proportions.
  • Pour the syrup, stir and add ice.
  • Throw in a carafe of fresh mint mix all and serve.
  • Recall that in “lemonade Day” in 2015, was attended by about 150 institutions and has collected more than 400,000 hryvnia. In 2016, joined more than 300 locations, and organizers hope to raise to help sick kids more than 1 000 000 UAH.


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