Mascarpone cheese, which successfully migrated into our kitchen from Italy, have successfully taken root in many recipes of cakes and desserts and loved by Housewives for its softness, tenderness, creamy taste and creamy consistency.

All these advantages mascarpone cheese make it simply invaluable in cooking. Edition to REPLACE YOUR WEBSITE offers to your attention recipes with mascarpone with photos that are perfect for the holiday feast, for example, New year 2017.

  • The Tiramisu cake with mascarpone

Recipes with mascarpone: Tiramisu cake ©

Recipe Tiramisu at home – very reasonable and a real challenge, especially if you want to pamper an unusual treat for his family. After all, the Tiramisu cake with mascarpone cheese – it’s a brilliant dessert. When it melts in your mouth, it seems that nothing better can not be.

  • Cake with mascarpone “Raffaello”

Recipes with mascarpone: cake Rafaello © Depositphotos

Beautiful, airy, white cake with mascarpone “Raffaello” will decorate any holiday – from the noisy cheerful feast with friends to a romantic tête-à-tête with a loved one. Already one name is worth something! In this dessert the main thing is to cook the most delicate mascarpone cream at home.

  • Rainbow cake recipe with mascarpone

Recipes with mascarpone: cake rainbow ©

If you want to organize a real holiday of its guests, prepare beautiful, festive rainbow cake with mascarpone! Even in the gloomy day and the cloudy weather, this cake will lift your spirits. Suitable for adults and usual food coloring added to the cakes, and for the little ones, this dessert is better to make with natural juices. Perhaps the bright colors in this case and never will be expressive, but rainbow cake is completely harmless.

Bon appetit!

See videorecipe how to cook a pie with cheese, prunes and walnuts:


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