Салат «Орхидея»

In any dish of its aesthetics and appearance is no less important than taste and aroma. After all, the first dish we try the eyes, and then feel it our taste buds. Salad “Orchid” is made quite simple and uncomplicated, but looks so beautiful and gentle that I want it as soon as possible to try and find out what it contains. And it tastes so delicious that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Ingredients salad “Orchid”:

Ingredients salad “Orchid”:

  • Ham 200 grams
  • Pickled mushrooms (any of your choice) 100 grams
  • Potato chips 50 grams
  • Chicken eggs 2 pieces
  • Korean carrot — 100 grams
  • Cheese (durum) 150 grams
  • Mayonnaise 4-6 tablespoons
  • To decorate the salad:

  • Chips 25 grams
  • Chicken eggs (yolk) 2 pieces
  • Inventory:

  • Cutting Board
  • A sharp knife
  • Grater
  • Flat serving dish
  • Cutlery
  • Pan
  • A stove
  • Preparation of salad “Orchid”:

    Step 1: Prepare the ingredients for the salad.

    Салат «Орхидея»
    If you use this salad large mushrooms, they must be crushed, pre-drain them with all the marinade. Ham slice to start on the slices, then chop into strips. Cheese grate on a coarse grater. Eggs boil in a small saucepan over medium heat, for at least 8 minutes for it to be hard-boiled. Then place them under cold water, let cool, then peel off the shell and grate on a coarse grater. Korean carrot cut into pieces so they were about 3 cm in length. All chopped ingredients should be put in different containers, not mixing them.

    Step 2: form a salad.

    Салат «Орхидея»
    To form this salad you need to put all the ingredients in layers in a certain order on a flat serving dish, each layer coat not a thick layer of mayonnaise. Layers try to distribute evenly to the salad turned out beautiful forms. It is best to put it in the form of slides. And distribute all the ingredients with a spoon.
    1 layer – Korean carrot; 2 layer – chopped mushrooms; 3rd layer – chips; 4 layer – ham strips; 5 layer – grated cheese; 6 layer – the chopped eggs.

    Step 3: Decorate the salad with flowers from chips and eggs.

    Салат «Орхидея»
    To decorate the salad, you need to boil 2 eggs in lightly salted water. Then cool them and remove the shell, separate the yolks from the protein. Yolks RUB on a small grater, and then put a teaspoon in the form of circles. After that, around each circle, lay out the petals of a flower from holistic potato chips.

    Step 4: Serve the salad “Orchid”.

    Салат «Орхидея»
    Decorated with salad and leave for 20 minutesto soak well. At the same time, it can keep in the refrigerator for it to cool a little. In cool the taste will be felt even more. Then serve the dish to the holiday table, or dinner!
    Bon appétit!

    Tips for recipe:

    – — Potato chips you can buy, but you can quickly prepare at home on their own. Moreover, in this case, they will not crumble, and their integrity will be maintained. In order to cook them you can use a recipe that has previously already been published on our website, and it is here.

    – — Instead of ham you can use other smoked meat or sausages. In addition, it will enhance the personality of your salad.


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