I recently watched another video about the horror that lies in wait for us on the shelves of grocery stores, and decided to write this article with a recipe for homemade cottage cheese. I hope it will help someone to mitigate this serious problem.

The benefits of cheese for our food, especially dietetic, known, perhaps, all. Here only where it to take — in the store or on the market? Both, alas, have limitations and pose a threat. But there is a solution — cook the cheese yourself. Believe me, it is not difficult. Of course, for the manufacture of different varieties of cheese using special bacterial starter cultures, but to produce a normal “peasant” cheese is not necessary.
Recipe for homemade cottage cheese
So, buy whole milk without preservatives. Better — farm. Will fit and some “store-bought” varieties. Choose one where a specified short period of implementation: it has less preservatives that impede the fermentation process. Bought milk, preferably boiled to avoid potential microbial and parasitic infection (by the way, manufacturers ‘Bazaar’ cheese don’t!). Now the milk should sour and turn into “yogurt” or yogurt. Normal milk will turn sour without our help. But, if it is fermenting the stockpiled yogurt (1 tbsp per 1 liter of cooled milk), the process is accelerated in
    several times and become predictable. Sour milk is preferable to special starters, as in this case, lactic acid fermentation takes place at room temperature (15 to 40) and do not require heating and insulation. The duration of fermentation is about 5 to 10 hours. The next step — heat treatment. A pot of yogurt to warm up to almost boiling but do not boil, and stand on low heat for 15 to 30 minutes. When big-time heat treatment of the cheese is more “hard”, with a little more “soft” and, in my opinion, tastier, but the yield will be slightly less. Your search for “Golden mean”. After that, the pan needs to be removed from the heat and rapid cooling to put in a bowl with cold water. If you do not use running water, then in a few minutes the water in the basin need to change for the colder. In result of cooling the contents of the pan stratified into curds and clear whey. Remains the final stage — percolation. To do this, take a large pot, put it in a colander, the bottom of which was covered with a gauze in 2-3 layers. This colander and poured the contents of our pans with a dairy product. Now the bag of curds to lift the edges of the flap with gauze and lightly compress hands for additional decantation of the serum. Just do not overdo it that the cheese is not too dry. All cheese is ready! It must be stored in the refrigerator, but for no longer than 1-2 days, because the product contains no preservatives. Yield of cheese — 200-250 g of 1 liter of milk. The rest is whey, is also a very valuable product, it can be considered “bonus”.
Use this recipe for homemade cottage cheese and you will not regret it. By the way, it has long been observed that the product prepared by themselves or a loved one, brings more good.
Be healthy!


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